Anglesey Energy Survey – less support for nuclear power

An indepenent survey taken BEFORE the Fukushima disaster suggests that that the people of Anglesey were even then worried about radioactive waste and its effects on health as a result of bulidng Wylfa B.

According to the survey the majority want to see more re-newable energy and are unsure about the long-term effects of another nuclear power station on the island.

Three quarters of the individulas questioned for the survey would rather see jobs being created in re-newable energy.

Almost three quarters also said they were worried about radio-active waste being left on the site for 160 years.

The survey was commissioned by management consultants Mana-Cymru Ltd following a request from PAWB and carried out by Bangor University’s School of Social Sciences over the summer. A representative sample of 500 people from Anglesey and adjoining areas of Gwynedd were asked for their opinions.

PDF of survey available here