Labour MP calls ‘New nuclear power a financial basket case’ as nuclear problems mount

Newport MP Paul Flynn has called ‘New nuclear power a financial basket case’ (17.6.15).

Since the plans for Hinkley Point C were first announced there has been an odyssey of failure, delay and mounting costs.

Catastrophic delays and spiraling costs at similar stations in France and Finland are being ignored even though their problems are likely to be repeated yn Hinklley.

Finland’s Olkiluoto was due to generate electricity in 2009. The latest of many promised finish dates is 2018. Cost overruns stand at €4 billion.

Aa reactor similar to the Hinkley design at Flamaville in Normandy was originally planned to be completed in 2012 at a cost of €3.3 billion. Later the hope was 2016 at €8.5 billion. In April 2015 serious problems were discovered in the vessel’s steel.

The Daily Telegraph recently reported that French Nuclear Safety Inspectors had found crucial faults in the Flamaville cooling system . The fault would expose the reactor to the risk of a meltdown.

Paul Flynn’s call came the same day that Jonathan Reynolds MP, Labour’s Westminster shadow climate change minister, called on the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Amber Rudd, to admit that Hinkley Point C will not proceed and to inform parliament what her alternative energy strategy will be.


Build ‘Beautiful’ Nukes?

PAWB have replied to the London Government Energy Secretary Amber Rudd’s insane call for ‘Beautiful Nuclear Power Stations’ to be built! Her call featured on the front page of the Independent Newspaper on 4 June 2015. We eagerly await her reply.


Annwyl Amber Rudd,

“Beauty is skin deep” as my mother taught me

Any nuclear power station, no matter how “beautiful” its design, presents untold dangers for future generations:
the legacy of highly toxic radioactive waste for tens of thousands of years
the current dangers from cyber-attacks
the increasing dangers from drones recently witnessed in Belgium ad France
mechanical and human error

Where I live, I`m surrounded by the sea with its huge potential; a Swedish company is about to invest in undersea turbines at Holyhead. Upscale that and replicate around the UK coast. The lagoon in Swansea Bay provides another example of the way ahead.

PV/Solar – `compel` all local government authorities to fully utilise their buildings for PV and solar; encourage all of us to follow a similar path as is the norm in countries such as Denmark and Germany.
Invest in R&D for renewables and CCS.

Community energy projects should be encouraged and supported, be they wind, solar, hydro or, of course, conservation. We need an ambitious plan of energy conservation – some 15% of current electricity usage can be saved [equates to nuclear`s contribution].

The country needs a vision based on a future which is sustainable. Nuclear, by virtue of its dependence on limited uranium supplies and legacy waste does not meet such an aspiration.

I would urge you to re-think your strategy and a reliance on new nuclear. I have visited Fukushima as recently as last November and met many of the 150,000 evacuees who were forced to leave their homes following the reactor explosions at Dai-chi. The traumas, largely ignored by the outside world, are too great for us to contemplate.

Accidents, by definition, are the events that you didn`t expect and we can`t afford to take any chances either for the planet or our children`s future.

Dr Carl Iwan Clowes FFPH OBE

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