Calls to halt sham ”consultation”

Felin CafnantPAWB calls on Natural Resources Wales to halt the consultation on an application to them by Horizon Nuclear. The purpose of the application is to seek permission to sink boreholes in the rock under the sea at Porth y Pistyll between Wylfa nuclear power station and Cemlyn. Their aim is to assess the rock as a foundation for building a landing jetty to import building materials for two huge new nuclear reactors and all the auxiliary buildings on the site nearby.

Serious defects in Horizon Nuclear’s consultation is undermining the whole process. Although a fortnight’s extension has been secured for the consultation until September 17, that is totally unsatisfactory considering the following.

  • Horizon Nuclear did not notify the National Trust who own land bordering on Porth y Pistyll at all about the application and consultation.
    Horizon Nuclear did not notify tenants and property owners nearby about the application and consultation.
  • It is totally inadequate to place a copy of Horizon Nuclear’s application in Cemaes Library only. Cemaes Library’s opening hours are 2.00 – 6.00 Monday, 9.30 – 12.30 Wednesday and 2.00 – 6.00 Friday. Cemaes is the most northerly village in Ynys Môn and is not easy to reach by public transport. There are no other copies in any other Ynys Môn library. This is a completely deliberate tactic by Horizon Nuclear to draw as little attention as possible to the application, and to secure the consent in an underhanded and anti-democratic way.
  • The original notice did not offer a weblink for the application documents. Although people who have complained about the consultation defects have received attachments including the application details, a public link to details on a website have still not been provided.
  • Although Natural Resources Wales have extended the consultation for a fortnight, Horizon Nuclear have not offered to extend the consultation beyond Cemaes Library. It was so different during autumn 2014 when Horizon held a six week community consultation with documents displayed in every Ynys Môn library, and open consultation sessions held all over the island and in Bangor, Caernarfon and Llandudno.

Horizon Nuclear are showing their true arrogant, oppressive and anti-democratic colours with this threatening application and are dragging Natural Resources Wales into the middle of a fatally flawed process. In order to safeguard its name as a regulator, Natural Resources Wales should consult immediately with the National Trust, landowners and tenants near Porth y Pistyll, and insist that the application is halted.

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