Fukushima disaster remembered on the Menai Bridge

During the morning rush hour of Friday 11.3.16 on the Menai bridge a peaceful protest was again held during to mark five years since the explosion at a nuclear power station at Fukushima in Japan.

PAWB (People against Wylfa B spokesman Robert Idris said it is important to remember the thousands of people forced to flee their homes in the Fukushima area in 2011 and the many hundreds of workers who risked their lives to try and prevent an even greater nuclear disaster.

He added: “Bearing in mind the nuclear emergency in Fukushima it is unacceptable politicians at all levels of government in Wales and England are sleep walking into approving a new generation of nuclear power stations at Hinkley Point, Sizewell, Wylfa and Oldbury.

“There are better and cheaper option to respond to the power needs of Wales and the the rest of these islands by harnessing the wide range of renewable energies that are available.
“Leading European countries such as Denmark, Germany and Scotland are already following this path.

It isn’t a happy time for the nuclear industry at the moment with no progress in investing at Hinkley Point. Horizon/Hitachi are carefully watching the situation there and have admitted publicly that they could pull out of Wylfa.


Friday 11.3.16 on the Menai bridge

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