Hitachi – the people who brought you Fukushima

Horizon, the company that intends building a new Wylfa plant, is being bought by GE/Hitachi the companies who built 3 of the first 4 Fukushima reactors. Now that Japan has de-nuked, Hitachi were desperate to find some new suckers – and they did!
The announcement was made the same day (30.10.12) as New Jersey Oyster Creek Nuke, another reactor of the same type, was put on ‘Alert’ status due to weather conditions over America.
The original German owners of Horizon pulled out of the project. Russian and Chinese companies then turned their nose up at buying into Horizon – all due to the unviable economics of nuclear power.
The nuclear industry now hopes that the London government will subsidise new nuclear power plants with billions of pounds of your money so that they can sell the electricity, at full price, back to you!
Any new nuclear plant at Wylfa will take years to build: design assessments alone will take up to 4 years.
In their eagerness to build the new Wylfa vast amounts of highly dangerous radioactive waste on site next to the plant for the foreseeable future.
Hitachi will be able to pull out anytime before 2015 – this is NOT a done deal!

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