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Maniffesto Mōn Ateb realistig ar gyfer swyddi ar yr Ynys. Dwy-ieithog. Awdur: Carl Clowes

Ymateb PAWB i ymgynghoriad Horizon Hydref 2016

Canllawiau Cynllunio Atodol: Gorsaf Newydd yn Wylfa Ymateb PAWB i Ymgynghoriad y Cyngor. Awdur: Carl Clowes, Mawrth 2014

Ymateb Pobl Atal Wylfa B i Ddatganiad Polisi Cenedlaethol Drafft ar gyfer cynhyrchu ynni niwclear (EN-6)

Too Hot To Handle Y gwir am wastraff niwclear, Awdur: Hugh Richards

Voodoo Economics and the Doomed Nuclear Renaissance gan cyn gohebydd amgylcheddoll y Guardian Paul Brown

Geological Disposal of Nuclear December 2010. Author: Chris Gifford a Chartered Engineer whose career included coal production and work as HM District Inspector of Mines and Quarries. While in the Health and Safety Executive he worked with nuclear installations inspectors and others on human reliability in high risk industries. In retirement he worked as a consultant and author on risk management and health and safety legislation.

Consultation on HSC strategy Avoiding Catastrophe Author: Chris Gifford, February 2009

Greenpeace Consultation Response made to the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s (DECC) Consultation on the Nuclear Industry Association’s application to Justify new nuclear power stations and the linked application by the Nuclear Industry Association.March 2009

Nuclear Free Local Authorities Environment Agency Consultation on radioactive waste discharges and disposals from new nuclear power stations

Nuclear Free Local Authorities APPENDIX JUST CONSULT FINAL DRAFT 240309. This appendix responses to that part of the application (NIA 2) which addresses Security of Supply and Climate Change Benefits (of the proposed new practices).

Nuclear Free Local Authorities submission to NDA draft strategy consultation

Unite Union and Nukes: Letter from Pawb

Energy Fair submission to the Welsh Affairs committee launch inquiry into future of nuclear power in Wales

Energy Fair – Welsh Affairs Committee meeting, 2016-04-25. Briefing questions and answers, Why oppose nuclear power?