Stop Dodgie Bechtel Now

PAWB have launched a petition calling on Anglesey Council, the Assembly and our MPs to stop all support for Bechtel. A cynical multi-national that has a long record of war profiteering and pollution of the environment but has recently been to work on Wylfa contracts. We are in favour of plans to further alternative energy.

Please sign the petition using the button below:

Copies of the petition form can be downloaded here.

The forms to be returned to: Cwpwrdd Cornel, Canolfan y Ffowndri, Stryd Fawr, Llangefni LL77 3TL


Here is some of Bechtel’s infamous history:

In 1999 Bechtel was given the rights by the World Bank to privatise Bolivia’s water supply. They immediately increased the water rates by 300%, leaving people to choose to pay either for food or water. This was rejected by the people of Cochabamba, who succeeded to force Bechtel out of their country.

2003 Bechtel was fined $85,000 for being responsible for an explosion at Oak Ridge Tenessee Y12 nuclear facility, discharging depleted Uranium into the environment.

In 2003 the US government awarded Bechtel, in a close bidding process, the contract of ‘reconstructing’ Iraq. The Bin Laden Family has a $10 mill stake in the Freemont Group, a subsidiary of Bechtel. George Shultz, who as Secretary of State initiated the first Iraq war, was then still CEO of both Freemont and Bechtel.

In 2006 a comprehensive US government audit of Bechtel projects in Iraq has exposed gross mismanagement by the company. US occupation government administrator Paul Bremer dismissed skilled Iraqi engineers and workers of the utility companies and put Bechtel employees in their place.

In 2010 Bechtel was commissioned to continue the failed clean-up of the Hanford Reservation. Manager Mike Robinson was informed that a vital part of the Treatment Tank technology was not working properly and would cause irreparable leakage of radioactivity. Bechtel management had consistently dismissed the concerns and Robinson writes to his co-manager that he will “just have to keep [the whistleblower Dr Walter Tamosaitis] in line.”

In August 2014 the Ministry of Defence has selected Bechtel as preferred bidders to run parts of its military equipment buying programme. Major defence equipment projects the MoD is planning to finance include a replacement for Britain’s Trident nuclear submarines and 18.5 billion pounds on fighter jets and drones including Lockheed Martin’s F-35 stealth jet.

It is time that we wake up to the insanity, stop this and other nuclear projects immediately and throw Bechtel out of Wales and out of Britain like the Bolivians have done.


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