They said it couldn’t happen

Following the Fukushima disaster the nuclear industry lost no time in spinning thier usual line about ‘failsafe’ engineering and only a ‘small amount of radioactivity released’ etc.

However the nukes in Japan and elsewhere has a long history of cover-up and mismanagement, from Windscale to Three Mile Island to Chernobyl.

If UK nuclear power plants are so safe and bring so many jobs – why are they located as far as possible from London? Politicians shouldn’t be deluded by economic arguments for building a new nuclear power plant at Wylfa, Anglesey.

The old Wylfa plant was dogged by technical problems and couldn’t be allowed to stay open longer and there are as many problems associated with new plants.

25 years after Chernobyl the radiation from that disaster still necessitates the monitoring of sheep movements at 300 of our own farms.