Chinese and French pull out of Wylfa too!

The Chinese and French have pulled out of Horizon Nuclear.
The Germans quit a while ago.
The Russians have said no thanks as well.
The government was hoping for the Chinese state-owned Guangdong corporation and the debt-laden French company Areva to prop up the doomed and delayed Horizon consortium. But they failed to submit an application before the closing date on Friday, 28 September 2012.
As nuclear power becomes more expensive by the minute Financial experts have declared nuclear to be a no-go area for investment. So why might the nuclear giants even consider the deal? Only if the government and civil service is prepared to fix the market in their favour.
What’s in it for us?  Nothing. The plan is the same old scam – private companies cream off the profits while the poor old taxpayer and consumer carry the costs, the liabilities and the risks.


What are these risks?

Higher electricity bills – even though Wales has no need for new nuclear.
Bad economics. The island should never put all its employment eggs in the very insecure nuclear ‘basket.’ PAWB’s Manifesto for Anglesey  identifies new opportunities for the creation of 2,500 – 3,000 sustainable and safe jobs.
Health risks.  Spent fuel, twice as radioactive as the waste from Wylfa A, would be too hot handle for 150 years – so it would be stored on site. Recent scientific reports from Germany and France show a correlation between childhood leukemia and proximity to nuclear plants.
Safety risks eg  human error; politicans cutting corners with budget or regulation; terrorist, miltary or cyber-attack; natural disasters. A disaster would destroy tourism and agriculture in North Wales and beyond, and also threaten urban areas of Wales, England and Ireland. There is no realistic scenario for the evacuation of  Anglesey with only two bridges to the mainland.
Trashing the environment. The proposed new site is MASSIVE. Why bury the beautiful north coast of the island and its habitats in concrete,  and why defile the landscape with a new breed of mega-pylons?
Risks to the community.  Most new jobs and contracts would not be locally sourced. The proposed importing of labour would place a huge strain on social  infrastructure. There would be a negative effect on Welsh language and community. Attempted land grabs by Horizon have already been resisted.
 Stop the nuclear rip-off: people before corporate profit